Ruud: some tournaments have to be sacrificed to make Wimbledon fresher

Fourth racket of the world Norwegian Kasper Ruud spoke about his condition, and also spoke about the preparation for Wimbledon.

“In Rome, I showed a good result, and I hope that this trend will continue in Paris. Looking forward to the next weeks, because I will have time for a little breather. It has been a hectic dirt season. Of course, I should have performed better, but I played almost every week. Thanks to this, it became noticeable that I began to play better. I think this result will be fixed after a short break. There are grass tournaments almost every week, but I prefer to skip some of them before Wimbledon so I can get some rest and relaxation. Yes, they have to be sacrificed in order to approach Wimbledon more freshly, ”Ruud VG quotes the words.

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