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This status suggests that it was the developments of this company that turned out to be better than all the others. Given the active struggle for market leadership in literally every segment, the desire of manufacturers to create high-quality, reliable and safe machines is quite natural. It will be interesting to find out who fought for the title of the best car in the world and who eventually managed to defeat the competition. For transparency and objectivity, research from organizations such as JD Power and Consumer Reports was taken as the basis. Let’s also take a look at the final results of the voting in the competition for the title of the best car in Europe, which were summed up just recently. Car Rating by Consumer Reports This is an American analytical company that publishes the results of its research annually. Initially, it was planned to present only the top 5 among the best cars. But in the end, the list expanded to 10 cars in different categories. The favorites of the rating from the American organization were those cars that most successfully passed about 50 special tests organized at equipped test sites. Owner feedback was also taken into account regarding reliability, performance and driver satisfaction with the purchase. The company set a goal to find out how happy drivers are with their new cars. The results of all these studies and surveys have grown into the final car rating for 2022. And then the following winners were determined in different categories of cars. Toyota Corolla.

The Japanese car topped the ranking, which determined the best passenger cars of 2022 in the compact sedan segment. The machine is distinguished by its economy, high level of safety and equipment available in more expensive models of competitors. Handling and operational reliability were also highly appreciated. The car is available in several trim levels and body versions. But here the emphasis was on the sedan. The car sells well in Russia. Mazda CX-30. This Japanese managed to lead the top of the best passenger cars in 2022. Here the rating among subcompact crossovers has already been taken into account. The car is small but very comfortable. Ideal for urban use. It is characterized by excellent indicators of safety, exchange rate stability and reliability. Outperformed its competitors in a number of ways. Offered with atmospheric and turbocharged internal combustion engines. Toyota Prius. When it comes to the best hybrid car in the world, Consumer Reports named Toyota’s Prius as the winner in 2022. And this is not the first time the car wins such an award. In fact, the Prius dictates fashion in the hybrid segment. The strengths include high reliability and excellent resource. It is inexpensive compared to competitors and offers rich equipment.

Updated: 28.04.2024 — 17:09

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