Alcaraz: Losing the match with Safiullin hurts. I’m disappointed with my game

Two-time Grand Slam champion, second racket of the world, Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz spoke about his defeat in the second round match of the Masters in Paris with Russian Roman Safiullin.

“After this defeat I have no options. All opportunities to finish the season in first place in the world rankings disappeared. I didn’t want to think about it, but this is the reality. I’m disappointed with my level of play and expected that I could do more on the court. I definitely have room to improve in my game. The Final Tournament is ahead, and I want to finish the season well.

My playing style requires good physical preparation. In this match I felt like I was moving slowly. This defeat hurts me. Now is one of those rare moments when I don’t want to think about the next days, about training. This needs to be done, there is one tournament left. However, such defeats hurt greatly,” AS quotes Alcaraz as saying.

Updated: 24.11.2023 — 10:18

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