Djokovic compared Alcaraz to Nadal

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic compared Carlos Alcaraz with Rafael Nadel.

“Don’t know. These are different players. In terms of the arguably remarkable event and the sense of tension on the court that Alcaraz brings, yes, there are some similarities. But he is a completely different player than Nadal.
He is one of the most complete players I have ever faced in my career. For his age, it’s quite impressive that he’s been playing consistently well for several years now, and he’s the youngest world No. 1 we’ve ever had. It’s already been a brilliant career and I think it’s pretty clear that he’s going to have a brilliant career full of success in the coming years. He is still very, very young.

But yeah, he really brings out the best in me. He makes me prepare for the match as best as possible. This is where I would probably compare it to the preparation I had in matches against Nadal or Federer, where I had to be at my peak every time to beat them,” Djokovic said at a press conference.

Let us remind you that Djokovic beat Alcaraz in the semi-finals of the ATP Finals Tournament.

Updated: 26.11.2023 — 22:12

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