– Stefanos Tsitsipas explained why he considers victory at the Finals almost more important than the TBS title

Two-time finalist of Grand Slam tournaments, sixth racket of the world, Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, spoke about his attitude towards the ATP Final Championship.

“The ATP Finals Championship is an amazing experience for any tennis player. I remember experiencing this for the first time, feeling this excitement. All my idols played then. Roger (Federer) was there, Rafa (Nadal) was there, Novak (Djokovic) was there. All the Big Three. At that moment I just enjoyed the process that I could be a part of it. I thought: “It’s great that among these guys the last name is Tsitsipas!”

As a result, at that tournament I showed one of my best tennis results. It was great to be part of such an event. Every year when I manage to qualify, I remember my first time. This is one of those things that I think tennis players underestimate. It seems to me that the ATP Final Championship is sometimes even more important than the Grand Slam tournament – in terms of how difficult the matches are. You get to play against the best players of the year, it’s the most incredible tennis from start to finish. In a sense, this is a separate “Helmet”. I might even compare it to the Super Bowl. This is the best of the best,” Tsitsipas said at a press conference.

Updated: 20.11.2023 — 17:12

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