Djokovic cried after his record-breaking Slam victory. A moment that makes you shudder

Djokovic cried after his record-breaking Slam victory

Stefanos Tsitsipas called Djokovic “the greatest who ever picked up a racket”, and the Serbian champion could not contain his feelings after the victory.
The Australian Open 2023 ended on January 29 in Melbourne with the men’s singles final. In the decisive match, 35-year-old Novak Djokovic, who had never previously lost in the finals of his beloved “Slam” and won nine decisive matches out of nine at the Australian major, extended his championship tradition, beating the 24-year-old Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas in three sets – 6:3, 7: 6, 7:6.

Thanks to this victory, Djokovic became the second, after Rafael Nadal, to win one Grand Slam tournament in double figures. Now he has 10 titles at the Australian Open, Nadal has 14 at Roland Garros. The Serbian tennis player also overtook the Spaniard in terms of the number of victories at the TBSH (22 each) and after this success on Monday he will return to the first place in the ATP world ranking.

Immediately after winning the decisive point in the match, Novak could not contain his emotions.

The video is available on the Australian Open TV YouTube channel. Video rights belong to Tennis Australia.

After the end of the match, he went up to the stand to his team and burst into tears right in the box from the emotions that flooded him.

A few minutes later, the official award ceremony began. Tsitsipas, who lost to Djokovic for the second time in his career in the Grand Slam final, was the first to speak.

“HelIo everyone. Novak, I don’t know what to say. You said everything with your achievements. Shocking numbers. Congratulations Not only you, but also your family. I think we had a similar tennis upbringing. You have made an incredible journey, I admire you, and you make me better.

I was lucky enough to play many difficult and tense matches, but I will say once again that Novak makes me better. He is one of the greatest in our sport. I believe that he is the greatest who ever took a racket in his hand. Thank you for promoting our sport so much. You make everyone better,” Tsitsipas remarked.

And then Djokovic himself gave a very emotional championship speech. At the beginning, the Serbian champion, according to tradition, turned to the beaten opponent, saying a few pleasant words in his address.

“Very touched by Stefanos’ words. I really appreciate it. We are rivals on the court, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect each other. Congratulations on a wonderful tournament, with this battle. This is definitely not the last TBSH final for you. Team Tsitsipas, you spend a lot of time to make Stephanos a better person and player. And you are like that – in many ways.”

Then Novak remembered his country and expressed his gratitude to his team, which supports him during his career.

“A few words about Serbia. We don’t have that many players to focus on. So this is a message to young players: you must dream no matter what. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, what kind of childhood you had: the more difficulties and obstacles in childhood, the more chances you have to break through and end up at that level. Don’t let anyone take your dreams away. If you find at least one such person who is able to believe in you, hold on to him no matter what.”

An incredible trip for the team, family. I don’t take anything for granted. Many people like to emphasize the negative traits of my character, but you guys are always on my side. So this trophy is as much yours as it is mine!”

Updated: 23.02.2023 — 12:47

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