“He will easily reach 28 “Slams”. Violent reaction to Djokovic’s triumph at AO-2023

The world is in awe of the Serb’s 10th title at the Australian Open.
Novak Djokovic is a real sports hero. After the problems that befell him in Australia in 2022, who could have guessed that in an hour he would return to the tournament – and not just return, but take the title?! Djokovic has a special relationship with the Australian Open: he has now won here 10 times. More special only for Rafael Nadal from Roland Garros – the Spaniard has 14 titles in Paris. By the way, the Serb has overtaken Rafa in terms of the total number of titles at the TBSH. Now they have 22 victories in the majors. The greatest players – not only in the history of tennis, but also in the history of sports in general.

In the AO final, Djokovic beat the Greek Stephanos Tsitsipas in three sets — 6:3, 7:6 (7:4), 7:6 (7:5). How did the tennis world react to the outstanding success of the Serb? The president of the FTR, Shamil Tarpishchev, explained the Serb’s victory in this way. “The first set was fantastic. The way Djokovic plays, no one can. The first set was the key to success. There was a breakdown in the second set at 3:3, when there were several intense games, Djokovic choked a little. A little later, Tsitsipas fell into decline, although he could use what Novak provided. I think that Tsitsipas ran much more because Novak played with a fan. Everything is normal. Djokovic is the greatest in history. He proved everything. 22 “Shlema” was first in the ranking for the longest time. What else is needed? Novak has 33 finals, Nadal has 31. That is, he is even better here. As a professional, he took first place in their competition with this victory,” said Tarpishchev in an interview with “Championship”.

Two-time TBSH champion Yevgeny Kafelnikov expressed the opinion that Tsitsipas had almost no chance. “The final match was successful. Although he followed Djokovic’s dictation from the very first draw. Of course, Tsitsipas had ghostly chances to catch on, but it didn’t work out. Novak deserved victory at the Australian Open – how else?” Kafelnikov said in an interview with “Championship”.

Djokovic is again the first racket of the world. And with a unique record!

Roland Garros semi-finalist in 1989, winner of two Masters series tournaments, Andrey Chesnokov emphasized that Djokovic does not let his opponents relax. “Novak is playing really well now. Just unreal! What he is doing at his age is unthinkable. He will be 36 years old this year. He wins when he wants. Tsitsipas made one break in the third set and led 30-0 on his serve. It seemed to let Tsitsipas breathe. No, he made a reverse break. Djokovic doesn’t let his opponents relax,” Chesnokov said in an interview with “Championship”.

2016 Olympic champion Elena Vesnina analyzed the match in detail. “I did not expect to win in three sets. I thought that Tsitsipas could win at least one set. The tie-break of the second set had a psychological meaning, and Tsitsipas clearly failed his ego. Djokovic also played his ego in a bad way. But it happens that it was in the second set that Djokovic’s name defeated Tsitsipas: he himself did not really do anything, and Stefanos made ridiculous mistakes, giving away the second set, which was very important psychologically and tactically. In the final of the “Grand Slam” tournament, it is impossible to lose the first two sets to such champions.

Legitimate victory. Djokovic played better than others. If you watch the match of his rivals, and then you watch the match of Novak – you immediately see this confidence and class. You understand that he confidently went to this victory. He confirmed his status, won the Australian Open for the tenth time – a fantastic achievement,”

Updated: 23.02.2023 — 12:45

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